Our Services

Our Services

Angepa Engineering Consultants Ltd offers a wide range of Architectural and Planning Consultancy services. As a dual disciplined practice, we are able to assist with your project from conception to completion. We can help you with the following Architectural and Planning Services.

  • Architectural¬†Drawings

    • Architectural Building Drawings

    • Space / Garden Formation

    • Internal & External Area Formation

    • Extension Of A Subordinate Building

  • Design

    • Static Design

      • Concrete Structures

      • Steel Structures

      • Wood Structures

      • Retaining Walls

    • Environmental Design

    • Renovate Traditional Buildings

    • Existing Structural Inspection

      • Static Inspection

      • Damp And Plumbing Inspection

    • Sewerage System Design

    • Irrigation System Design

  • Land Survey Services

    • Elevation Model

    • Detail Survey

    • Border Placements

    • Land Subdivision

    • Border Reshape

    • Setting Out

    • Area Measurement

    • Cross / Longitudinal Sections

  • Geological Inspection

    • Ground / Substratum Inspection

These are the main services we offer but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Please feel free to get in touch and we can advise you on your project without obligation.